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postgres locks ALL

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postgres_locks_ALL • PostgreSQL

Graph Information

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
RowExclusiveLock rowexclusivelock gauge     Used by UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT queries
AccessExclusiveLock accessexclusivelock gauge     Used by ALTER TABLE, DROP TABLE, TRUNCATE, REINDEX, CLUSTER and VACUUM FULL queries
RowShareLock rowsharelock gauge     Used by SELECT FOR SHARE and SELECT FOR UPDATE queries
ShareRowExclusiveLock sharerowexclusivelock gauge     Only issued explicitly from applications
ShareLock sharelock gauge     Used by CREATE INDEX queries
ShareUpdateExclusiveLock shareupdateexclusivelock gauge     Used by VACUUM, ANALYZE and CREATE INDEX CONCURRENTLY queries
AccessShareLock accesssharelock gauge     Used by read only queries
ExclusiveLock exclusivelock gauge     Infrequently issued on system tables, or by applications

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