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Memory usage by cashes and buffers

meminfo_physical.cb • cache

Graph Information

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
FUSE buffers writeback_fuse gauge     Memory used by FUSE for temporary writeback buffers
NFS unstable nfs_unstable gauge     NFS pages sent to the server, but not yet committed to stable <--> storage
Swap cached cached_swap gauge     Memory that once was swapped out, is swapped back in but still also is in the swapfile (if memory is needed it doesn't need to be swapped out AGAIN because it is already in the swapfile. This saves I/O)
Bounce bounce gauge     Memory used for block device "bounce buffers"
Buffers buffers gauge     Relatively temporary storage for raw disk blocks shouldn't get tremendously large (20MB or so)
Cached cached gauge     In-memory cache for files read from the disk (the pagecache). Doesn't include SwapCached

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